Complete Mouth Reconstruction Guide

There is usually a misconception between full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeovers. Although used interchangeably, this often occurs incorrectly. While smile makeovers are elective and are a cosmetic way to enhance esthetics, a full mouth rehabilitation is a necessity because it has a restorative function.

Various issues like tooth loss due to trauma, disease, decay, severe wear of teeth due to long-term teeth grinding, acid corrosion, tooth fracture, recurring headaches and muscle pain as a result of the nature of a person’s bite and jaw alignment can lead to the need for complete mouth restoration.

Tooth loss on a large scale can lead to a loss of self-confidence and a lower quality of life. People who need full mouth reconstruction often find themselves feeling self-conscious when they are around others. The rehabilitation process sometimes requires extensive work, but the result is excellent oral health and a fully functional pain-free mouth.

The pre-rehabilitation process

Getting a full mouth reconstruction normally involves a number of oral care professionals, requiring many steps and details, so before any actual rehabilitation can begin, the dentist examines the patient's mouth to determine the amount of reconstruction the patient needs.

The examination will usually involve an inspection of the general condition of the teeth and gum (periodontal) tissue. An assessment of the patient's bite takes place by examining the patient's jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints and occlusion. The dentist also assesses the general appearance of the patient's mouth including teeth color, size, shape and proportion.

A number of procedures happen during the exam. These include teeth impressions, images, X-rays and possibly a referral to a specialist like a periodontist or an orthodontist. This examination is the focal point of the treatment plan and helps the dentist to determine how much restorative work a patient needs.

Treatment procedures

Procedures commonly used for reconstructive purposes include:

  • Prophylactic teeth cleaning and gum care
  • Teeth implant placement and restoration
  • Jaw repositioning surgery
  • Crown lengthening and gum tissue contouring
  • Getting braces to move teeth into the best positions for reconstruction
  • Soft tissue or bone grafting to improve the sturdiness of the teeth and any other restorations
  • Placement of both permanent like veneers and crowns and temporary restorations, which help with getting used to the feel and new alignment of the mouth

If your mouth is not working well due to worn out, damaged teeth or lost teeth, a full mouth rehabilitation is exactly what you need. This procedure restores the normal function of your mouth and improves its aesthetics. This leads to a higher quality of life.

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