What Happens During a Dental Cleaning in Lake Forest?

Dental CleaningIn order to maintain oral health, it is important to schedule a dental cleaning in Lake Forest at least once a year. Maintaining proper oral hygiene at home is also necessary for healthy gums and teeth, but during a dental cleaning, you will receive a deeper, more thorough clean than is possible to implement in a home regimen. If you want to enjoy the long life of your teeth, begin visiting our dental office for a proper cleaning. We will perform a detailed dental service like the method we explain below when you see us at least twice a year for treatment.

Dental Discussion

During your visit, we will have a discussion about any worries you may have concerning your oral health. If you have noticed any abnormalities, have been experiencing any discomfort, or have had any alarming symptoms, now is the time to discuss these things with a dentist in our office. During the cleaning, a dental hygienist will keep an eye on these notes and then a dentist in our office will keep them in mind during the post-cleaning checkup.

Dental Cleaning in Lake Forest

During the actual dental cleaning process, we will use specialized tools to access hard to reach areas of your teeth for a thorough plaque removal. Using a metal instrument called a scaler, the hygienist will remove any plaque or tartar (hardened plaque) from around the gums and teeth. Following this process, we will spray off any loose particles with a water stream. Next, we will then use a special textured toothpaste and polisher to remove any leftover plaque or surface staining. Following all of these detailed services, your teeth will receive a thorough flossing to remove any remaining particles or grime.  This dental cleaning will provide your teeth with a clean, smooth surface that will help you to combat plaque build up until your next visit.

Dental Examination

Following your cleaning, we will provide you with an examination to look for dental decay or gum infections. Using a metal probe, the dentist will check your gums for any swelling, bleeding, or discoloration. We will also gently prod your teeth to feel for vulnerable areas that may be an indication of dental caries. We may also check your bite to reveal any uneven developments and feel your cheeks beside your jawline for popping or grinding when you open and close your mouth. As a final measure, we will feel around your face and neck to find out if there is any swelling in your lymph nodes. If the swelling is occurring, it may be a sign of infection or even oral cancer.

A thorough dental cleaning in Lake Forest, and a checkup will help ward off any dental decay or gum infection. A cleaning will also give us an opportunity to get to know your teeth and gums a little better so that we can determine if you might be at risk for oral cancer, periodontal disease, or any other serious oral health problems.


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