Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Lake Forest to Restore Your Damaged Teeth Before Your Vacation

Cosmetic Dentist in Lake ForestDon't leave town without a dental restoration from a cosmetic dentist in Lake Forest. Having a weak or damaged tooth can be an extremely painful experience. If you have damaged a tooth, it is important to visit our dentist office right away and plan for how it will be restored before you leave town. Since the regular placement of a crown usually requires at least two dentist visits and up to a three-week wait while your crowns are created in a dental lab, we offer more than one way to restore your tooth. We have a solution for you that allows you to plan ahead.  However, if you are leaving town quickly, you can visit us for dental bonding.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lake Forest Can Provide You with Durable Restorations Right Away

If you are leaving town and visit us for a same-day restoration (dental bonding), you can rest assured that we do not charge you more for the convenience of getting a same-day restoration. This is because we can gently prepare your tooth, moisten it and place tooth-colored bonding material in one appointment. Next, we will shape it in place and then harden it.  The result is a beautiful looking restoration.  Dental bonding is not as durable as a dental crown but it can be incredibly effective for small cracks and chips.  Plus, since this is a non-invasive solution, there is less of a need for anesthesia and the process is well-suited for younger children.  Even if you decide to restore your tooth with a different option in the future, dental bonding can give you the ability to leave for vacation and enjoy your trip without experiencing dental pain.

You May Need Dental Crowns

While dental bonding is ideal for many situations, some dental damage demands a more comprehensive solution that cannot be placed in one visit.  For this, it is wise to plan ahead to ensure that your crowns are placed prior to leaving town.  Dental crowns are the ideal restoration when your tooth is missing a lot of enamel or you have a severe crack or chip.  A dental crown is also known as a cap, which is used to cover a damaged tooth. In order to prepare the tooth for the crown, we will drill down on the tooth to remove any decay or damage, and shape it so it is a perfect fit for the crown we are going to place.  The crowns, which are typically made of ceramic, are designed to look and feel exactly like your regular teeth, so when you smile for those happy summer vacation pictures, there is no way for anybody to tell that the placed dental crown is not one of your natural teeth.

Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Lake Forest for Your Dental Restorations

We can provide you with beautiful and durable dental restorations before you leave for your summer vacation.  Regardless of which solution you require, you can be confident that your teeth will look natural and beautiful once we are done restoring them.


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