4 Tips for Getting Used to Your Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures Lake Forest, CA

Thinking about getting partial dentures? Continue reading to learn more about this tooth-replacement option. Partial dentures are becoming increasingly popular. Dentures are a practical tooth replacement option, but it takes some time to become used to your new partial dentures. The good news is that you do not have to give up your comfort to achieve your ideal smile.

4 Tips for adapting to partial dentures

New dentures may feel loose or strange for a few weeks until the tongue and cheek muscles learn to hold them securely in position. The person will also become accustomed to removing and replacing them. It is fairly common to experience discomfort or irritation. Here are some pointers to help patients become accustomed to their new teeth.

1. Give it time

It takes time to adjust to having a foreign device in the mouth. It is common for people to find it challenging to talk and eat naturally with them. It is fairly unusual for a person to have some initial sensation and pain when becoming accustomed to them. However, these issues will not continue indefinitely. Once the mouth adjusts, the initial issues should disappear. Patience is essential when a person gets used to eating and speaking with dentures.

2. Prepare for the initial soreness

A painful sore will develop if the partial dentures exert too much pressure on a particular area of the mouth. A dentist can modify the dentures to make them more comfortable for the patient. This adjustment will alleviate some of the soreness. After the required adjustments, the dentist may suggest removing the partial dentures before bedtime and putting them back.

3. Stick to soft foods at first

People who are just starting to wear dentures should eat healthily. Initially, a person should eat soft meals that have been sliced into thin slices. It will be easier to bite down on diced portions. After a while, the patient can progress to eating harder foods like apples or red meat.

4. Practice speaking by reading and singing

Partial dentures provide the added benefit of improving speech. When people first start wearing dentures, they may find it challenging to pronounce particular words. Some time may pass before a person can become fully accustomed to conversing correctly while wearing dentures. People who have trouble pronouncing some words can try reading them out loud.

Music is also an excellent technique for speech improvement. Singing smooth flowing phrases at a slower tempo might help a person get more comfortable voicing specific words. A person's ability to talk clearly will improve over time.

Ready to make an appointment?

Partial dentures are a popular choice for restoring a few missing teeth. However, you should be aware that adjusting to them takes time. With time and effort, you will become accustomed to wearing them while conversing and eating. Contact our dental office today to learn more about partial dentures and other tooth-replacement options.

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