4 Ways To Deal With Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can be a horrible feeling, leaving you conscious of the pain in your teeth for the majority of each day, especially while eating or drinking.

The good news is that there are easy ways to deal with sensitive teeth, without having to make major changes to your daily lifestyle.

How to Deal with Sensitive Teeth

To keep sensitive teeth at a tolerable level, and even treat the sensitive teeth completely, try the following four techniques and tips. By doing so, you will be able to live pain-free and ensure your dental health is where it should be.

Make dental care routine changes

First, anyone suffering from sensitive teeth must assess their dental care routine and make changes wherever it is beneficial.

A few helpful dental care routine tips for sensitive teeth include:

  • Brush often but do not put too much pressure on teeth
  • Floss and use mouthwash at least once a day
  • Use fluoride treatment in your daily routine
  • Check for any oral health concerns

By being more conscious of the care given to their teeth, anyone with sensitive teeth can improve their condition.

Avoid harmful foods and drinks

Certain foods and drinks are harmful to teeth when consumed on a regular basis. The most commonly consumed substance that can eat away at enamel and cause sensitive teeth is sugar. When not washed off the surface of teeth, sugar can lead to tooth decay and sensitive teeth.

Additionally, coffee, tea and other dark beverages can be harmful and lead to sensitive teeth as well. While it is okay to have a cookie or a cup of coffee, be sure to take extra dental caution when doing so.

Wear a mouthguard at night

One of the main causes of sensitive teeth is grinding teeth, which is becoming increasingly common in the United States. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to catch ourselves in the act of grinding our teeth as it most commonly occurs while we sleep.

To prevent grinding teeth, and ultimately prevent sensitive teeth, consider wearing a mouthguard at night. One prescribed by your dentist is best to eliminate teeth grinding. In doing so, the chance of suffering from sensitive teeth dramatically reduces, and it can help improve an existing condition of sensitive teeth.

Visit the dentist

Some people have more sensitive teeth than others. However, everyone is at risk of suffering from sensitive teeth, and the warning signs of sensitive teeth can often be hard to notice. It is crucial to visit the dentist regularly.

The dentist can check the mouths of their patients, whether through oral examination or testing methods, and determine if any oral health concerns can potentially lead to sensitive teeth. By undergoing regular cleanings and ensuring there are not any oral health concerns, the chance of suffering from teeth sensitivity diminishes.

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