Dental Bonding Treatment: A Good Option for Sensitive Teeth

Dental Bonding Lake Forest, CA

Almost everyone experiences dental sensitivity from time to time. Extreme hot and cold foods or beverages may cause some discomfort to a person’s teeth. Knowing how to treat or handle sensitivity can be helpful for those who aren’t sure of what to do.

Dental bonding is a procedure that can help with many different dental problems but tooth sensitivity is one of them! In this article, we will go over what dental bonding is, how it helps people and how someone experiencing sensitivity can benefit from the procedure.

Dental bonding

What is dental bonding and how does it work?

Dental bonding is when a dentist applies a dental resin to a person’s tooth. The resin will bond to the natural enamel of the tooth, allowing for protection, restoration or even transformation.

A dentist will roughen the surface of a person’s tooth so that the adhesive material will stick to it. The adhesive material is applied to the surface of the tooth in order for the composite resin to stick. The composite resin that is used for dental bonding is white in color allowing for a natural looking tooth. It will then be set on the adhesive and smoothed into place by the dentist. Often times, a special light is used to cure the resin so that it will harden and bond with the tooth.

What can dental bonding do?

Having a dental bonding procedure done can help a person with a lot of different dental problems. Below, we have listed what things dental bonding can help with:

- Repairing a cracked or chipped tooth

- Restoring a decayed tooth

- Covering of a severely stained or discolored tooth

- Protecting a weak tooth: sensitivity

- Altering the shape or appearance of a tooth

How dental bonding eliminates sensitivity

Dental bonding is a relatively simple procedure that can help a person with a lot of different dental problems. However, protecting the tooth is ultimately what dental bonding does.

If sensitivity is occurring then dental bonding will surely help protect the enamel from hot or cold temperatures. Dental bonding will use that extra layer of the composite coating to keep extreme temperatures away from the enamel, thus eliminating severe sensitivity. The composite resin will bond with the enamel and ensure that it is protected from anything that might cause discomfort or harm. 

When someone experiences sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, the feeling itself is uncomfortable. Protecting the teeth from this discomfort can be done through a dental bonding procedure. It’s always best to talk with a dentist about dental bonding and how it can help eliminate sensitivity.

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