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If you have teeth in your mouth, then a dental checkup is indeed very necessary. A dental checkup is a great practice along with regular brushing and flossing of teeth. A dental checkup is recommended every 6 months in order for one to maintain a healthy set of teeth. The dentist may, however, recommend more frequent visits on a case by case basis.

Think of it just like a person would with maintenance for their car or any other piece of equipment that is dear to a person. Any moving/working equipment needs to be maintained so that it remains in great shape to keep functioning properly. Teeth work the same way; proper brushing, flossing, and regular checkups will ensure they stay nice and healthy.

What should you expect when you go for dental checkups?

Your local dentist or dental hygienist will perform the checkup. Though dentists do not exactly operate in the exact same fashion, here is what to expect when you step into that dental office for a checkup?

Polishing and cleaning

The dentist will use a special tool known as a hand scalar to scrape and remove plaque from your teeth. The teeth will then be brushed using a rotating brush to remove all trace of stains-leaving a sparkly smile.

Dental examination

When the polishing is done, the dentist will then move to identify any problems in your mouth. The dentist will introduce a metal probe into your mouth’s periodontal pockets, which are spaces between the top of the gum line and where the gum tissues firmly attach. The dentist may recommend a particular treatment or refer you to a specialist if the condition is quite serious.


After the cleaning process, the dentist will then inform you of any dental hygiene issues that were detected if any, and subsequently advice on the right way to brush and floss the teeth.


Some dental visits may involve x-rays. The dentist will typically ask a person to place their head in between two surfaces, guillotine style, and have you bite on a piece of plastic attached to the machine. X-rays are done for the dentist to have a proper look at your teeth and decide on a course of action.

How to make the most of a dental checkup

Bring up new health problems

Bringing up new health issues is a sure way to get a more thorough checkup.

Talk dental anxiety

If a person suffers from dental anxiety, tell the dentist in good time so that they can work on making a person feel more comfortable.   

Bring up dental changes that have been noticed

Bring up new issues such as pain in the gums and spitting blood. The dentist will do his or her tests inorder to check for any periodontal diseases.

Words a person may here during the checkup


Flouride is naturally occurring substance found in plants; soil and water which helps fortify teeth against tooth decay.


A cavity is a hole on the tooth brought about by harmful bacteria wearing out the tooth enamel and penetrating inside.

Periodontal disease

This is also referred to as gum disease and may be detected by the dentist at the dental checkup.

If you still have questions about what to expect during a dental checkup, then contact us today! We know that dental appointments can be scary, so we do our best to provide everyone with great care. Our trained professionals will be happy to assist you in any way that we can. 

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