We Can Treat You This Summer in Our Emergency Dentistry Office

Emergency DentistryAs an emergency dentistry office, we know that summer is going to be one of the busiest times for us. Like everyone else we love the idea of summer, with bright sunshine and all the fun activities. We also realize that summer is traditionally a time when people are having more fun, and paying less attention to what is going on around them. When the summer months hit, and people can cast off the pall of winter, there is a sense of abandon that makes us want to be more active. From pool parties and barbecues to office picnics and family vacations everyone is getting in on the good times. In fact, over 80% of all families will head out on their annual vacation in the summer time. The challenge, which we see, is that one in six (1 in 6) people who are out on vacation or enjoying holiday fun will find themselves in need of emergency dental services. This is because all of the fun and the fact that people are not paying as much attention, can result in unfortunate accidents. Over the course of the summer, we will see all kinds of cases, from unfortunate accidents at a whiffle ball game to a chipped tooth from biting down too hard on some barbeque.

In any event, we are prepared because we know how busy it gets and do not want to let an incident ruin your summer. As an emergency dentistry office, we are prepared for any kind of emergency. However, for us to help you, you have to do two things. First, you must realize that a dental emergency is a medical emergency in every sense of the situation. If you have excessive bleeding, for example, you need to call emergency services. Even in cases where it doesn't seem severe, it is very important that you take action and seek help immediately. A good way to illustrate this is to look at a common occurrence during the summer months - tooth loss. With all the activities, people can knock out a tooth during the summer. This is especially true for younger patients. Before you contact our emergency dentistry office, we want you to take steps to protect the tooth. You have around 5 minutes from the time the tooth is knocked out to either get it back into the cavity it came from, or to put it into a container with cold milk for transportation to our office. Any longer than this and you risk us not being able to reattach the tooth. Whenever you damage a tooth, remember that it is an emergency requiring prompt medical care.

The second thing we want you to do is to ensure that you have the contact information for our emergency dentistry office on hand. Not being able to reach a dentist or not having contact information for our office could delay your treatment. Wherever your summer adventure takes you, make sure that you also find the contact information for emergency services, medical and dental, in case you have a need for them.


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