Coming Soon – Laser Same Day Crowns Dentist Services


At Stunning Smiles of Lake Forest, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our patients’ experience. We use the latest dental technology in order to do so, and soon we will be offering laser dentistry as a same day crowns dentist. This is exciting news for you, our patients because it means you will receive the same high-quality care hat you always have, but it will be completed faster and you will be more comfortable during your appointments. We will even be offering laser teeth whitening so your teeth can become brilliantly white in under an hour! This is an exciting time to be a patient of our Lake Forest dental office, and we invite you to schedule an appointment by calling (949) 258-7433.

Why we are becoming a same day crowns dentist:

We value patient feedback at Stunning Smiles of Lake Forest. One of the concerns we have regularly heard from our 92630 patients is that they want dental restorations but do not have the time for several appointments. Given how busy most families are with work and school obligations, visiting our office two or three times for veneers or crowns has been impossible for some. Our new laser dentistry solutions will change that. Becoming a same day crowns dentist is all about offering more convenient solutions for our Lake Forest, CA patients. Now if you have a damaged tooth or want to improve the appearance of one, you can do so in one appointment.

How the procedure works:

When you visit us for same day crowns, we will begin by taking digital pictures of your teeth and measurements. That information will be uploaded into our CAD software, where a 3D model of your tooth will be created. We can then make any necessary design adjustments and have the new crown created while you wait using a new milling machine. Typically, this all has to be done at the dental lab, which is why it can take a couple of weeks to get new crowns. While your crown is being created in our 92630 laser dentistry office, your tooth will be prepared. As a result, your procedure will be completed quickly, and you can get back to your busy schedule in no time!

Benefits of laser dentistry:

We are thrilled to be a laser dentist, able to use the latest dental technology to treat your oral health problems. Lasers can be used to treat cavities and gum disease and to speed up recovery time. They are gentle, quiet, and make it possible to receive dental care without the need for anesthesia. As a laser teeth whitening dentist, we can also use lasers to activate the whitening solution so it works more quickly and you can leave with a bright smile right away.

Take advantage of our new laser dentistry solutions, laser teeth whitening, and same day crowns by calling (949) 258-7433 and scheduling an appointment today.

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