Guide to Family and Preventative Dental Services


At Stunning Smiles of Lake Forest, we are a family dentist who focuses on providing preventative dental services so our patients can maintain healthy and beautiful teeth for life. Our general dentist solutions include routine dental care, like dental cleanings, and more in-depth services, like endodontics and periodontics. If you have not visited the dentist in some time, we recommend you visit our Lake Forest, CA dental office to receive the care you need. You can schedule an appointment by calling (949) 258-7433.

What do our family and preventative dental services include?

We recommend you start by scheduling dental cleanings with our general dentist office for twice a year. This is critical for removing the plaque and tartar that have built up on your teeth before they have the opportunity to create cavities or infections. As a family dentist, we recommend that both children and adults are on this routine schedule because it is by far the best way to keep your mouth in excellent health.

We also provide periodontics services to keep gums in excellent health. This often includes performing deep cleanings in our Lake Forest, CA dental office. Whether completed in one session or several, these cleanings remove the plaque and tartar that has built up on the teeth, underneath the gums. Regular dental cleanings can help to prevent the plaque from building up in the first place, but if you go too long without one, you could get gum disease. In this case, we can restore your gums to good health using our periodontics services and solutions like gum grafts for gums that have receded.

If you go too long without regular dental cleanings, you could also end up with an infected tooth. If the center of your tooth (dental pulp) becomes infected, you could need our endodontics services and a root canal. This procedure can be used to remove the infection and to save your tooth. To complete it, we will numb the area, create a small hole in your tooth and remove the infected portion of it prior to cleaning your tooth and sealing it. Once done, we will restore the structure of your tooth and may also provide you with medication to eliminate any lingering infection. As a result, your mouth will return to good health and you will be able to use that tooth like you used to.

In our 92630 general dentist office, we also perform restorations and can do so quickly if you damage a tooth. Our goal is to keep your teeth healthy, and that requires far more than prevention. If you crack or chip a tooth, we can restore it using dental bonding, dental veneers, or dental crowns. This should be done right away so the damage does not spread or your tooth become infected. Our restorations look entirely natural so no one will be able to tell your tooth was ever damaged in the first place.

At Stunning Smiles of Lake Forest, we are committed to providing you, our patients, with the best possible oral health care. Whether you need general dentist services like endodontics and root canals or family dentist services like regular dental cleanings – we can help. To schedule an appointment with our Lake Forest dentist office for general care or periodontics, call (949) 258-7433.

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