Five Tooth Pain Remedies to Try at Home


There is nothing worse than suffering from tooth pain at home and not being able to make it in to see the dentist. Fortunately, there are several tooth pain remedies you can try at home to relieve the discomfort.

Not every case of tooth pain requires a trip into the dentist, and certain tooth pain remedies may be able to relieve the pain until a dentist can be seen at a more convenient time.

Tooth Pain Remedies

There are many tooth pain remedies that simply do not work, which can cause pain to linger and the fear that something worse is wrong.

While it is best to visit the dentist for tooth pain, many cases of tooth pain can be treated at home with these five tooth pain remedies.

Clove oil

Clove oil works by numbing the area where the pain exists in a healthy manner. In fact, clove oil is just as effective, if not more effective, than many of the over-the-counter toothache gels.

The best way to use clove oil as a tooth pain remedy is to dab it against the painful area with a cotton ball for several minutes. While it may be a long-term solution, clove oil works well until a dentist can be seen.

Saltwater rinse

One of the more popular tooth pain remedies is a simple saltwater rinse, which is convenient and effective. A salt water rinse can help disinfect areas of the mouth that are at increased risk of an infection, help to reduce inflammation and remove food particles stuck in between teeth.

For best use, use a quarter of a teaspoon of salt for four ounces of water.

Cold compress

A cold compress is another one of the best tooth pain remedies, and it is very convenient for most to utilize. A cold compress works well for tooth pain caused by trauma, such as being struck by a flying object or falling and damaging a tooth.

The best way to utilize a cold compress as a tooth pain remedy is to apply an ice pack on the affected area until the area is numb and the pain is reduced.


Garlic is widely known to have antibacterial properties due to allicin, which is one of the main compounds in garlic and a natural disease fighter.

The best way to use garlic as a tooth pain remedy is to chop up garlic until it is more of a paste, although simply chewing on the garlic works if it is a possibility. For best use, consider adding some salt to the garlic as well.

Pain relievers

Last but not least, pain relievers work well to reduce pain and swelling caused by a toothache.

Simple over-the-counter pain relief medication should work well to manage the pain, although it should not be used as a consistent aid for chronic tooth pain. Instead, be sure to visit the dentist for a long-term, healthy solution to ongoing tooth pain that does not improve on its own.

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